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Wēkiu Bug Monitoring Reports
Download below

Wēkiu Bug Life History Page

These following quarterly monitoring reports were prepared for the Outrigger Telescopes Project and are available for download.

The documents are in PDF format, and can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download your free copy.

Baseline Monitoring Reports

        2002 1st Quarterly Report                (1.5MB)
        2002 2nd Quarterly Report               (1.5MB)
        2002 3rd Quarterly Report                (1.2MB)
        2002 4th Quarterly Report                (1.0MB)
        2003 1st Quarterly Report                (1.3MB)
        2003 2nd Quarterly Report               (1.6MB)
        2003 3rd Quarterly Report                (1.1MB)
        2003 4th Quarterly Report                (1.2MB)
        2004 1st Quarterly Report                (1.2MB)
        2004 2nd Quarterly Report               (1.5MB)
        2004 3rd Quarterly Report                (1.5MB)
        2004 4th Quarterly Report                (1.7MB)
        2005 1st Quarterly Report                (1.5MB)
        2005 2nd Quarterly Report               (1.6MB)
        2005 3rd Quarterly Report                (1.5MB)
        2005 4th Quarterly Report                (1.5MB)
        2006 1st Quarterly Report                (1.2MB)

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