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Monitoring Natural Resources

   Natural Resource Monitoring is now mandated for National Parks and Forests across the country.  But, resource managers are finding that monitoring consists of more than simply sampling the ecosystems. 

   Monitoring experts at
Pacific Analytics have developed a unique six-step process to Natural Resource Monitoring.  Our Systematic Approach has helped scientists from Hawaii to Virginia develop efficient monitoring programs that provide the information necessary for sustainable management of our nation's natural resources.

    1.   Develop the key Questions of Interest.
Any monitoring must start with quantified key questions: those that can be answered efficiently and that provide the information necessary to management decision-making.

     2. Plan an efficient and effective sampling system.
Our power calculations provide you with the appropriate number of samples in time and space.  We can also help you design live-sampling protocols that have minimal impact on sensitive threatened, endangered, or rare species.

3. Collect accurate data.
Our custom protocols and training will help guide your field personnel. Our error-checking algorithms, programmed into hand-held PC's, will assure that field data is gathered correctly the first time.

     4. Manage the data.
Monitoring data must be stored and retrieved, sometimes many years or decades later, to make the comparisons that reveal natural resource change.

5. Analyze the data correctly.
Environmental change occurs in both temporal and spatial domains. Appropriate techniques include time series analyses, survival analyses, population dynamics modeling, spatial process modeling, spatial variogram analyses, multivariate community analyses, and many others.

6. Report the findings.
Decision-makers need the answers to the key Questions of Interest . We can help you present the findings in a clear manner, applying statistically appropriate interpretations.

Pacific Analytics has the expertise necessary to help you meet your monitoring requirements.   Our six-step Systematic Approach to monitoring has been applied successfully in natural resource monitoring programs in Hawaii, Oregon, California, Guam, and Washington, and has been used by natural resource specialists around the world.


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