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Pacific Analytics provides numerous services to the private sector, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and the general public on both a fee-based and pro bono basis. We will gladly work with any individual, organization, or group which is sincerely interested in finding cooperative, science-based solutions to environmental problems.

We supply natural resource expertise and apply the most modern and appropriate scientific methods, and advanced statistical and biometrical techniques.

Scientific Advising

What is the best method for monitoring an endangered species? Will a particular action have an impact on the flora and fauna and can the impact be mitigated? What is the current status of resident native populations of plants and wildlife on my land?

These are critical questions for land owners, managers, and conservation practitioners. Scientists working at Pacific Analytics can address these issues with experience and expertise.

Pacific Analytics functions as a resource that people can turn to for impartial and clear advice, knowledge, and guidance. Our company acts as both a link and buffer, connecting concerned parties with scientific experts while ensuring that scientific input is gathered effectively and impartially.


We help projects comply with federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements and environmental laws. From projects in major cities and industrial parks to those in national forests and small woodland properties, we strive to develop workable project solutions that reduce or mitigate environmental impacts, achieve project goals, and respond to public concerns.

Pacific Analytics associates conduct assessments of native flora and fauna, and special projects concerning endangered, threatened, or other protected species. We deliver reports on time, and work with planners to integrate scientific findings into NEPA and planning documents.

Endangered Species

Pacific Analytics scientists and engineers will guide you through the interpretation of new regulations and policies, while minimizing and mitigating project impacts to ESA species. We supply water quality scientists, wetland ecologists, fisheries biologists, soil scientists, geomorphologists, landscape architects, land use planners to provide a multidisciplinary approach to your project.

Scientific Peer Review

Every year, hundreds of decisions are made that affect biodiversity and natural resources sometimes without sound scientific advice. In response to the widespread demand for scientific review and independent scientific involvement in planning, Pacific Analytics began offering services in Scientific Review for conservation and natural resource science. Scientific peer review is accepted as the foremost means of ensuring that conservation and natural resource decisions are based on the best available science.

Independent and impartial scientific review helps projects achieve their goals while protecting sensitive natural systems. Pacific Analytics scientists provide peer review services and participate on advisory panels for many issues and agencies. We provide reviews that are fair, professional, and practical.

Habitat Conservation Plans

HCPs are an important tool that can be used to protect projects from the pitfalls of the Endangered Species Act. A habitat conservation plan (HCP) minimizes and mitigates the effects of the landowner's activities on the species in question.

Whether assisting with an plan's basic design or peer reviewing a draft proposal, Pacific Analytics is committed to sound science and cooperative problem solving methods that have proven to be valuable assets in developing and implementing effective HCPs.

Science and Policy

Sound scientific information is required in deliberations of conservation and environmental policy on scales - local, national and international. Pacific Analytics works with agencies, organizations, landowners, and land managers to provide the best scientific information on which to base management policies. Our experts have participated in policy decision-making that bridge the needs of protected species with the rights of landowners.

Pacific Analytics recognizes that scientific action is urgently needed in ecosystem conservation and development planning. We are committed to bringing the best science to environmental and natural resource issues.

Our scientists are leaders in their fields of expertise and can help you achieve your conservation and development goals. Call us today.


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