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Special Entomological Services

Pacific Analytics provides a comprehensive array of entomological services.

Temperate and Tropical Entomology Specialists at PA offer services that include:

  • Habitat management systems for endangered, candidate, or other special invertebrate species, mitigation planning and
  • implementation, monitoring planning, and conservation planning.

  • Integrated Pest Management systems, pest and beneficial species identification, crop damage analysis, surveillance and sampling designs, population trends, decision threshold determinations, ecological crop management systems. Technical assistance and advice on new products and IPM approaches to pest problems.

  • Entomological forensic investigations, wildlife fecal analysis and diet determination, growth rate modeling, morphometric analysis, and arthropod fragment identification.

  • Ecological assessment, Threatened and Endangered     species, and other environmental assessments, natural    resource impact analyses, measurement and analysis of species abundance, autecology and habitat preference.

  • Arthropod identification services, specializing in Pacific Northwest and Hawaiian fauna. Arthropod community analysis, multivariate taxonomic analysis, biodiversity,     biological indicators, and cladistic analysis.

  • Alternative collecting devices, environmentally friendly, live trapping systems designed for minimum impact on sensitive species.

These are just a few of the many entomological services offered by Pacific Analytics.
We apply the most sophisticated and cutting-edge techniques, customized to your needs.

Call us today and discuss your entomological needs.

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