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Special Forestry Services

Pacific Analytics offers the most sophisticated temperate and tropical forestry services available anywhere. These include:

  • Coordinated resource analyses, growth-and-yield, biometrics, mensuration, population trends, and multi-dimensional forest structure measurement.

  • Advanced silviculture, multicohort systems (no clearcutting), enhanced successional trends, T&E species analysis, protection and mitigation systems.

  • Management systems for special habitats, such as native prairies, hardwood bottomlands, riparian areas, and late-successional forests.

  • Services for estate planning, land use permitting, and fire, erosion, and other damage assessments and remediations.

  • Management systems for special use properties, such as woodland homesites, youth camps, conservation easements, destination resorts, and sustainable farms and forests.

  • Non-timber forest product systems for craft fibers, pharmaceutical botanicals, high-value decorative woods, etc.

These are only a few of the forestry services provided by PA. Our specialty is solving unique forest problems around the world, using multi-disciplinary, collaborative approaches.

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