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Modern marketing is a science. Unfortunately, many companies do not use modern market analysis methods.

"Marketing plans [often] rest heavily (or entirely) on suicidal research, including the most volatile, non-projectable research tool in the world -- focus groups -- and other preposterous methods, including "importance ratings, market segmentation studies done by telephone, and lengthy interviews done by mail to measure customer satisfaction." 

Clancy and Shulman, "Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business"

Pacific Analytics offers scientific designs and analyses that break through the "voodoo barrier" and provide businesses with logical, statistical inferences about their markets. These include:

  • Statistically designed market studies

  • Direct response analyses

  • Cost allocation analyses

  • Classification and regression tree modeling

  • Market simulation models

  • Generalized linear econometric models

  • Time series analyses

  • Many, more analytical methods

We can help you get the most from your marketing dollars.

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